After I became a mum it really hit me how expensive children’s items can be. Everything from toys to clothes cost a small fortune.

Getting by on maternity pay is hard enough, let alone trying to factor in Christmas and birthdays as well! So I started looking for the best deals and buying items when they were at their cheapest (even if we didn’t need them right away!) to help get the most for my money.

I started The Little Bargain Hunter as I was so frustrated with friends and relatives (even people I didn’t know at all!) paying over the odds for something that wasn’t worth the price that was paid. All because they didn’t know it might be cheaper somewhere else. By shopping smart, I managed to save myself £1000 over Christmas 2016. I bought in advance and caught offers early.

My aim is to try to help you – the everyday parent – save some of your hard-earned money and to get the best deal out there.

Hopefully I will help you find a bargain at some point, or at least make you more aware of how to find the best deal!

Whether you’re trying to get a head start on Christmas or birthdays, I’m here to help.

Shop Smart. Save Money. Find A Bargain.


The little bargain hunter is an affiliate partner so I might receive a small commission from purchases from certain stores.
It’s not much but it helps me to be able to spend my time finding bargains to share. I will only ever share the links to things that I would buy myself and only if they are a bargain!