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If you haven’t heard of Baby Shark where have you been?
The catchy children’s song features a catchy tune all about Baby Shark, Mummy Shark, Daddy Shark and Grandma and Grandpa Shark and now there is a range of Baby Shark toys to go with it!

It has become a permanent fixture in my toddlers song repertoire – much to our delight! It’s had over 2 billion views on YouTube this year which just proves how popular the song has been.

What Baby Shark Toys are there?

As well as books, you can also get a range of Baby Shark plush toys including Baby Shark, Mummy Shark, Daddy Shark and Grandma and even Grandpa Shark!
They include plush toys as well as sound cubes. There’s even a range of story books available to go with them.

Where Can I Get them?

You can get them from the following stores:

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
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