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Here’s a run down of some of the best toys of 2019! Many of the toys were released in time for Christmas 2018, however they are sure to still be the top of birthday lists throughout the rest of the year.
It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is an ‘in’ toy at the moment. Don’t panic as i’ve put them all together in one list below to give you a head start on what some of the best toys of 2019 will be.

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

It probably comes as no surprise that this is one of the top toys for the year! Read more about it here.

Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn

Not only can you apply make up to Myla, she also sings too!
Read more about Myla here

Poopsie Slime Surprise

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

This has definitely been one of the most talked about toys of 2018 (and probably 2019 too!). Not only is Poopsie an adorable unicorn, she also poops slime – two of the latest crazes combined.
Read more about the Poopsie Slime Surprise here.

L.O.L. Surprise! House

What else can I really say about this?! Your LOL Surprise dolls now get their very own house!
Read more about it here.

PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

If you are a parent you will probably be familiar with the adventures of the Paw Patrol (Seriously who leaves Puppies in charge of a towns safety?!). New for Christmas 2018 is the ultimate rescue truck!
Read more about it here.

My Lovely Unicorn Ride On

I have to say – I was dubious about this but my little one got one for Christmas and it’s been great!
Read more about it here.

Jurassic World 6V Battery Operated Ride On Jeep

I don’t know who wants this more…. my little one or me! Not only is it battery powered, it has a push button start, easy foot pedal control, forward and reverse gears and a working horn!
Available from Argos*

furReal Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup

furReal Ricky, the Trick-Lovin' Pup

Another new addition to the furReal line of interaction pets – furReal Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup! Not only does he have 100+ sound-&-motion combinations, he can also balance his bone toy on his nose, and with a voice command, flip it into his mouth! 
Read more about it here.

furReal Munchin’ Rex

FurReal Munchin Rex

Another new addition to the furReal line of interactive pets. He has 35+ sound-and-motion combinations as well as hopping for treats!
Read more about it here.

Crate Creatures

Crate Creatures

New for Christmas 2018 – Crate Creatures! They are packed full of fun features such as vibrating, 45+ gross noises, voice recording and playback.
Available from Amazon*.

Harry Potter LEGO Great Hall

I grew up with Harry Potter so i’m super excited about this! I’ve been dropping hints for a while so i’m hoping this will be under the tree for me next year!
Available from Amazon*

Fingerlings Untamed Dinosaur Raptors

After the huge popularity of Fingerlings in 2017, it makes total sense that they would release different animals. If unicorns and Monkeys weren’t up your street – there’s now T-Rex and Raptors!
Available at Amazon*

Don’t Step In It! Game

Put on a blindfold, spin the spinner, and then take that many steps across the game mat. Seems easy? Not if there’s poop in the way! Try not to step on the piles of poop as you make your way across the mat.
Available at Amazon*

The Official ‘Baby Shark’ Song Plush 

Baby Shark Toys

If you have a little one you probably already know what they are….
You can now get an official plush toy of baby shark, mummy shark or even daddy shark!
Read more about them here.


Very similar to the LOL Surprise dolls – there’s 36 different Hairdorable dolls to collect in season one. Unwrap the different surprises to see which doll you find inside!
Available from Amazon*

Dyson Vacuum

This cute Dyson vacuum is a direct replica of the life size Dyson Ball Vacuum!
Available from Amazon*

L.O.L Makeover Series #HairGoals Doll

LOL Surprise Hairgoals

The newest LOL Surprise release – LOL Surprise Hairgoals!
Read more about them here.

Kano ‘Harry Potter Wand’ Coding Kit

If you know a Harry Potter fan that is also interested in coding – this is perfect! You can build a wand that responds to your movements and then start to complete 70+ coding challenges with it!
Available at Amazon*

Fingerlings Hugs

Large plush versions of the hugely popular Fingerlings. Not only have they got long arms for hugs, they also make noises and can repeat what you say!
Available at Amazon*.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Neon Glow-in-the-Dark 12-Pack Eggs 

The next series of the popular Hatchimal CollEGGtibles range – this time they glow in the dark!
Available from Amazon*

‘Scruff-a-Luvs’ Rescue Pets

I quite like the idea of these. The idea is to rescue your pet and help to transform it from scruffy to fluffy!
Available at Amazon*

Melissa & Doug ‘Examine and Treat’ Vet Pet

If your little one loves animals then i’m sure they will love this vet set by Melissa&Doug! This 24 piece set includes everything to make their furry friends better.
Available from Amazon*

Little Live Wrapples


Another hit of Christmas 2018 – Wrapples! Wrapples are little creatures that you can attach to your wrist, bag, leg…where ever!
Read more about them here.

L.O.L Surprise #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Advent Calendar

LOL Surprise Advent Calendar

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be just for a Christmas countdown – it could also be used for birthdays, holidays etc.
With 25+ doors to open, it was most definitely a hit with LOL fans.
Read more about it here*

Barbie ‘Care Clinic’ Medical Helper Van

Barbie never gets old – every year it’s on Christmas lists! This Care Clinic can be easily transformed from a rolling ambulance to a fully equipped hospital on wheels!
Available from Amazon*

Pomsies Interactive Pom Pom


Pomsies were new in 2018. They can do 50 different sound reactions to your stroking, cuddle, and tickles!
Read more about them here.


Since they burst onto the toy scene a few years ago – Hatchimals are still as incredibly popular. With Hatchibabies you don’t know whether you will hatch a boy or a girl!
Available from Amazon*

Fugglers Stuffed Animals

I actually bought one of these for my secret Santa at work but chickened out at the last moment! They’re so strange but i’m sure older kids will find them funny.
Available from Amazon*.

‘Yellies’ the Interactive Spider Pet

It’s not often you come across an adorable Spider! Yellies – the loud you yell the faster they go!
Available from Amazon*

Hatchimals Mystery

Another twist on the Hatchimal craze – this time you don’t know what kind of Hatchimal will be inside!
Available from Amazon*

Don’t Step In It! the Unicorn Edition

Similar to the poop version of “Don’t Step In It!”, however this time it’s rainbow coloured poop!
Available from Amazon*

LOL Surprise ‘Under Wraps’ Eye Spy Series

Another new addition to the LOL Surprise series – LOL Surprise Under Wraps!
Available at Amazon*

‘Chow Crown’ Game

Another top game for Christmas 2018 – Chow Crown! The idea of the game is to try and get as much of the hanging food as possible!
Available from Amazon*

Poopsie ‘Pooey Puitton’ Collectible Slime Purse

To go with the popular Poopsie Unicorn – a whole handbag full of slime and unicorn food!
Available from Amazon*

The Sock Game

This was one of our Christmas day games and it was actually a lot of fun! It sold out in most place before Christmas 2018 – I really recommend this! You are divided into two teams and the first person to find the selected item within the sock gets a point for their team – it’s a lot harder than it sounds!
Available from Amazon*

Sony PlayStation Classic Mini 

This mini Playstation comes preloaded with 20 different classic games. Games include Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Rayman, Resident Evil Director’s Cut and more.
Available from Amazon*

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Car Crash Track Set

The playset features three loops, three crash zones, three high-speed boosters and one hot wheels die-cast car.
Available from Amazon*

Fortnite Monopoly

I don’t think there is anyone that hasn’t heard of Fortnite! It has now been given the Monopoly twist.
Read more about it here.

L.O.L 3-in-1 Pop Up Store (and Carrying Case) 

The LOL pop up store is not only a playset – it can also be a carry case for all your LOL dolls!
Read more about it here.

Baby Alive ‘Real As Can Be’ Interactive Baby Doll 

This Baby Alive doll has over 80 lifelike expressions, as well as making real baby sounds! She turns when called, naps when rocked, wiggles and giggles when tickled!
Available at Amazon*

Pimple Pete Game

Who would have thought that a game about popping spots would be such a hit?
Available at Amazon*

Luvabella Doll


You couldn’t go anywhere Christmas 2017 without hearing about Luvabella. She divided everyone due to her cute/creepy looks.
Read more about it here.

Moj Moj Original Claw Toy Machine

The Moj Moj claw machine has a real working claw that picks up the prizes!
Available from Amazon*

Melissa & Doug Wooden Store

This is a lot more expensive than a plastic one – but it looks so much fun! Perfect for shop role play.
Available at Amazon*

Barbie ‘Power Wheels’ Dream Camper

Although it’s not been released in the UK – it looks amazing!!!
Read more about it here

Twisty Petz Collectible Pet Bracelet Set 

Transform your Twisty Pet into a bracelet! There’s a whole bunch of them to collect in different colours and animals.
Available from Amazon*

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets

Another new addition to the LOL Surprise line – LOL Surprise Biggie Pets! Read more about them here.

Fingerlings Untamed Jailbreak Play Set

Keep your Dinosaur Fingerlings safe in their very own cage! Or should that be keep everyone else safe from the ferocious Dino Fingerlings?!
Available from Amazon*

Rock-a-Too Show Bird

furReal toys have featured so many times on this list – probably a testament to how fun they are! New this year is the Rock-a-too show bird. He has 3 modes of play, sing and dance together, record phrases and hear him repeat them in his voice (or musically) and laugh at his wacky jokes.
Available at Amazon*

Barbie Dream House 

Another classic Barbie toy – the Dream House! Complete with three stories, the house features eight rooms: Bed room, living room, kitchen and dining room, bathroom, home office, garage, a working lift and a terrace with swimming pool with a slide!
Available at Amazon*

Playdate Maximus

This huge Maximus is over 2 foot tall! You can braid his mane as well as ride on his back!
Available from Amazon*

Nerf Laser Ops Pro (2 Pack)

Each AlphaPoint blaster features light and sound effects, unlimited ammo, quick-reload button and indicators for health, ammo and teams.
Available at Amazon*

That wraps up my list of the Best Toys of 2019! I will update the list as new toys are released throughout the year – I can’t wait to see what is in store for Christmas 2019!

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