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If you little ones love the FurReal line of pets they’re sure to love the newest instalment – a broccoli eating dinosaur!
New for Christmas 2018, the FurReal Muchchin Rex has already started appearing in stores now.

What is the FurReal Munchin Rex?

Well… apart from being absolutely adorable, the FurReal Munchin Rex can do lots of cool things.
He comes with his own caveman cookies as well a a tasty piece of broccoli and a dinosaur bottle. Little ones can feed him treats – he might like them or he might think that they are yucky!
He can make 35 sound-and-motion combinations when he gets a pat on his head.
He can even hop around if he is waved at!

I was pretty impressed at the price – he is set to be £49.99 RRP which is pretty good considering Tyler the Tiger was over £100 last Christmas!
Who doesn’t want their own pet dinosaur?!

FurReal Munchin Rex

Where can I get the FurReal Munchin Rex?

The FurReal Munchin Rex will be available in the following stores:

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