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Hot on the heels of the original Hatchimals, Spinmaster have now released Hatchimal Pixies! Similar to the original Hatchimals, they are available in lots of different varieties such as mystery collectible eggs, vacay edition and even royal riders to name a few! The only difference is that these aren’t cute animals – they are Pixies!
New on the market for Christmas 2020 are Hatchimal Pixies Crystal Flyers!

Pixie Flying

What are Hatchimal Pixie Crystal Flyers?

So what are Hatchimal Pixies Crystal Flyers?!
There are two different versions available, Krystalina Rose (Pink) and Violet Onyx (purple). They each come with a usb charging cable so batteries aren’t required. The Crystal Egg that the Pixie arrives in also doubles as her charging base. The idea is that when you launch the Pixie from the charging base, she will fly in the air using her wings. You can place your hand underneath her to help guide and she will sense if your hands are high or low. If you touch her wings mid flight she will stop flying straight away (great if she’s getting a bit too close to a ceiling light!)

Hatchimal Pixies Crystal Flyers crystal egg

I remember something similar when I was younger (it might have been a Barbie or Tinker belle version?!) where you would pull a cord and the doll would shoot in the air! If I remember correctly it wasn’t as graceful as the Pixie Flyers! We often ended up with it flying into the ceiling or into each other!

Hatchimals are still very popular so i’m sure that the Hatchimal Pixies Crystal Flyers are sure to be a hit with anyone that already collects the Hatchimal Pixie range.

How Much Are They?

Hatchimal Pixie Crystal Flyers have an RRP of £34.99 here in the UK.

Where Can I Get Them?

They are available from the following stores:

Pixie in charging base