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Hatchimals have been around for a couple of years now and although they are incredible cute – the concept hasn’t changed much since they first came out – until Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn is released anyway!

Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn both colours

What is the Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn?

Well.. where to start?!
Firstly, llalacorn is part unicorn and part Llama (hence the name!).
The Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn can be re-hatched – something that you couldn’t do previously. Not only that, the egg it comes in is the largest Hatchimals egg ever!
Every time the llalacorn is re-hatched she will wake up in 1 of 10 surprise moods.
When it is ready to hatch you will see rainbox eyes through the egg shell and then the llalacorn will keep growing taller and taller until the egg shell has been pushed off!

The llalacorn also grows to a massive 32 inches tall!! Her neck will shrink or grow depending on her mood and what you are playing (for example her neck might grow if she is singing and trying to reach a high note!).

There’s over 250 sounds and interactions as well. The first time the llalacorn hatches she will even sing Hatchy Birthday. The llalacorn can also ay “I love you,” giggle, cry, sneeze, hiccup, and can let you know when she’s hungry with a tummy rumble! 

There’s two different colour llalacorns available – a pink one and a purple one.

Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn being tall

How much is the llalacorn?

Right now, it is priced at £79.99 on the Smyths and Amazon website.

Where can I get Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn?

In the meantime, don’t forget the new adorable Toothless hatchimal that is also available this year!

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