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After the huge popularity of the larger Kindi Kid dolls, it’s no surprise to learn that there are Kindi Kids minis on the way!

Kindi Kids Mini dolls
Image via Moose Toys website

What are Kindi Kids Minis?

Kindi Kids Minis are exactly what they sound like – miniature versions of the popular Kindi Kid dolls! They are 4 inches tall with a colourful bobblehead, glittery eyes and poseable bodies.

The range includes mini sized versions of Marsha Mello, Rainbow Kate, Summer Peaches, Cindy Pops, Pirouetta and Lippy Lou.

Created by Moose Toys, you can see some more photographs on the dedicated Kindi Kids page on their website.

Heres the official description from Moose Toys….

Welcome to the Wonderful Lil’ World of Kindi Kids Minis! These Kids are still BIG in cuteness but have been made Mini! All your favorite best friends that you’ve met in the Rainbow Kindi are here and they’re ready to take you on some wild imaginary adventures! Still full of Bobbly-Wobbly fun, these fab Kindi Kid Minis come to life in the palm of your hand as their little heads move about! Pop them into your pocket or take the whole squad in your backpack because these fun filled girls are the perfect size for a take-anywhere playdate.

Moose Toys Website
Mini Marsha Mello doll in packaging
Image via Moose Toys website

Also included in the range is a series of dolls with their vehicles! This includes Lippy Lulu and Scooter, Donatina in a Donut Car and Rainbow Kate and her Airplane!

Kindi Kids Minis
Image via Moose Toys website

Another version I have spotted over on Amazon is the Kindi Kids School Bus! It even includes an exclusive Marsha Mello doll.
Each mini doll fits inside the bus, which even comes with a fun slide at the back.

Kindi Kids Minis School Bus
Image via Moose Toys website

When will they be available in the UK?

They are expected to be released in the UK in 2021.

They are priced at $4.99 for the mini dolls and $9.99 for the vehicles in the USA.

Where Can I Get Them?

So far, they have only been spotted on Amazon here in the UK, although judging on how popular Kindi Kids are over here i’m sure we will see them in most stores eventually!

They are currently out of stock so hopefully we see them available soon.

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