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It’s really starting to feel like to world of LOL Surprise is never ending! There seems to be new waves or characters being released every couple of months now. It’s hard to keep up with them all!
Now, with Christmas on the way, even bigger playsets are being released, such as the Glamper, OMG dolls and a new version of the Outfit of the Day advent calendar.
Following on from the previous years releases of the Big Surprise and the Bigger Surprise sets, we now have the LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise!

LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise silhouette

What is the LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise?

Well, not too much is known about it just yet. What I can see from IBBB is that the set is slightly different from a playset, or the large plastic balls that have been released in the past. This time it is a maze! So, the idea is that you would need to follow the maze on the giant box in order to unbox all of the surprise inside!

Included in the giant box are over 70 surprises!
They include:

  • 14 exclusive LOL dolls
    • 2 exclusive OMG dolls
    • 6 LOL dolls
    • 4 LOL Pets
    • 2 Lils
  • 2 playsets

It also includes surprise like outfits, accessories etc.

The price is currently priced at £129.99 – making it a lot more expensive than the new LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise Winter Disco Edition.

LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise box

When is it released?

The official preorder date is 20th September 2019, with an official release date of 15th October 2019. These are US dates suggested by IBBB. Last year it was a similar date over here in the UK when the Bigger Surprise was released so hopefully the dates should be similar.

It’s now available to preorder in most toy stores and online stores – see below for where has it available.

LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise Inside

Where Can I Get It?

At the moment I haven’t seen it up for pre-order anywhere, but I would keep an eye on places such as Amazon*, The Entertainer* or Smyths as they usually have preorders up early! As soon as it appears I will update and share over on my facebook page.

It is now available to order at the following stores:

Do you think LOL dolls are still as popular as they were?
Will you be getting the LOL Surprise Awesome Surprise?

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
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