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Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more LOL Surprise…. here come the LOL Surprise OMG dolls!
New this year, the LOL Surprise OMG dolls are slightly different from the usual dolls as they are bigger and resemble more of a Hairdoorables style doll than a normal LOL Surprise doll.

LOL Surprise OMG Dolls

What are LOL Surprise OMG dolls?

Each OMG dolls is a big sister fashion dolls to one of the fan favourite surprise dolls. There are 4 different OMG dolls to collect:

  • Lady Diva
  • Neonlicious
  • Royal Bee
  • Swag

Each doll comes with 20 surprises that includes shoes, purse, brush and more! The presentation box can even double up as a dressing room playset once it has been opened.
The ‘surprise’ opening is again slightly different than usual. You have to slide the package apart to reveal the dolls picture, bio and the first set of surprises. The dolls accessories come packed in garment bags, shoes have their own shoe box, and the hat box holds her accessories!

LOL Surprise OMG Dolls

Where can I get them?

How much are they?

Each doll is £29.99, however with 4 different dolls to collect you are looking at £120 to collect all 4. They also look to have different packaging for each doll – great news for anyone frustrated with blind bags and blind surprises!

With the arrival of the LOL Surprise Glamper as well this year, I don’t think the world of LOL Surprise is showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. If anything, the arrival of the LOL Surprise OMG Dolls is making the LOL Surprise line even bigger. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more bigger playsets later down the line for the OMG dolls to use.

What do you think? Will you be getting the new dolls for your littles ones or will you be giving them a miss (and hoping they stay off YouTube!).

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