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Brace yourselves parents … theres even more LOL Surprise on the way – the LOL Surprise Style Suitcase!
The LOL Surprise Style Suitcase is slightly different from the new OMG dolls and the Awesome Surprise, it is more of an interactive doll.

What is the LOL Surprise Style Suitcase?

The Style Suitcase is described as an electronic playset, rather than a doll. Each suitcase comes with 15+ surprises (mix and match outfits and accessories!).
The idea is to dress the doll in the different outfits, shoes and accessories and she will then show you her reaction with lights and sounds!
Even though there is a doll in the playset, it is NOT removable.
The playset itself is designed to look like a rolling suitcase – it even has a handle and working wheels so it can be pulled along.
There is also stickers included in the playset so you can decorate the suitcase.

LOL Surprise Style Suitcase overview
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It is aimed more as an ‘on the go’ style game for car journeys, trips etc. There are 4 different versions available:

  • D.J.
  • As If Baby
  • Cherry
  • Boss Queen

They remind me of the LOL Surprise pop up game that was available last year. They have really dropped in price over the last year so maybe these will as well once they are available.
I don’t think they seem quite as exciting as unwrapping a normal LOL Surprise doll – but again I am in my 30’s so I could be wrong!
I think the fact that the doll is not removable could be frustrating!

Where can I get them?* – however they are currently unavailable.
Spotted in Tesco Stores.

However you can already order them from the US Amazon and have them shipped over to the UK.
Will you be getting the LOL Surprise Style Suitcase this Christmas?

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