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One of the most anticipated dolls of the year is due to be released soon -Luvabella!

The Luvabella doll, by Spinmaster toys, is due for release in October (according to my Argos local store) but might be on their website earlier.

Priced at £99.99 in Argos (and most other stores), she has been dubbed the most lifelike baby doll ever. She has fluid movements and responds to being fed and cared for like a real baby. She laughs when her feet are ticked, and gets upset when her eyes are covered for too long.

There are four versions available:

  • Luvabella Doll Blonde
  • Luvabella Doll Brunette
  • Luvabella Doll African American
  • Luvabeau Doll


It is flying out of stores and usually sells out online in a few minutes!

Below is the list of stores that are stocking it – it varies if stock is available so it’s worth checking as often as you can.

Available from…

Luvabella Blonde

Luvabella Brunette

Luvabella African American

Luvabeau (Toys R Us Exclusive)


Care nurture and play with her three interactive accessories and soother. From feeding time with her spoon, playyime with her lamby, to nap time with her bottle, she will respond to you with natural reactions. The more she is played with the more she learns!

Prices are correct as at time of posting. Retailers change their prices constantly so make sure to follow The Little Bargain Hunter on facebook to keep up to date with new bargains!

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