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There’s another new Luvabella on the way – Luvabella Mealtime Magic!
The whole series of Luvabella dolls have been very popular over the past few years so it’s no surprise that the range is growing with this new version as well as the new Luvabella Luvzies.

What is the Luvabella Mealtime Magic doll?

Well here’s what we know so far!

This version looks very similar to the original doll and comes with some similar accessories:

  • Light up smart spoon
  • 2 in one interactive bottle and soother
  • Coloured food tray
Luvabella Mealtime Magic Maya

When you dip the spoon onto the food tray, it will change colour! There are apparently 50+ different colour combinations as well as 70+ sounds and reactions.

The doll will then react to the food with expressions such as yum, sour, yuck and more!

Luvabella Mealtime Magic tray

There seems to be two different version – Maya and Mia. This is similar to the previous Luvabella dolls where different versions were available.

Im sure it will be popular with existing Luvabella fans

Where Can I Get One?

So far, I have spotted the new dolls at the following retailers. They are priced between £64.99 up to £77.99.



Prices are correct as at time of posting.
Retailers change their prices constantly so make sure to follow The Little Bargain Hunter on facebook to keep up to date with new bargains!