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Brace yourself parents – there’s a new Luvabella doll on the way! The little sister of the 2018 Luvabella, Luvabella Newborn.

Luvabella was without a doubt one of the most popular toys for Christmas 2018. They sold out insanely fast and were being re-sold for eye-watering sums over on eBay, Facebook and Amazon on the lead up to Christmas day. Most parents I knew were trying to track one down!

Luvabella Newborn doll

Hoping to repeat the success of the original Luvabella is Luvabella Newborn (I’ve also seen Smyths refer to it as a Luvabella Tender Moments Doll).
You might have guessed by now but the main difference is that they are new born style dolls. The new doll is also slightly cheaper than the original, being £59.99.
Luvabella Newborns are softer than the original version – they’re also a lot lighter and smaller to hold which is great for little ones.

Luvabella Newborn needs your love and care, and there are so many fun ways to play with her! If she’s hungry, feed her with her bottle and she’ll suckle on it, just like a real baby! She’ll get gassy when she’s feeling full and needs you to burp her.
Luvabella Newborn affectionately responds to your loving touch! Tickle her and she will respond with sweet giggles, excitedly cooing for more if you stop! You can help soothe her if she gets fussy by placing her soother in her mouth, or gently rub her back to hear her respond with happy gurgling noises.

Smyths Toys
Luvabella Newborn doll

It comes with 1 Onesie, 1 Bow Headband, 1 Interactive Soother and 1 Interactive Bottle in the box. Very similar to the original Luvabella!

Where Can I Get Luvabella NewBorn?

When is Luvabella Newborn released?

At the moment, none of the preorder links available have an estimated release dates. I would expect it to be August onwards as the Christmas promotions begin to kick in!
It hasn’t appeared on any top toy prediction lists yet but i’m sure that will change as we get closer to Christmas.

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