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After the huge success of LOL Surprise, it’s no surprise that the toy company behind them is launching a new collectible – Na Na Na Surprise Dolls!
The good news is – they are finally available to order in the UK!

Na Na Na Surprise Doll and pom

What are Na Na Na Surprise Dolls?

According to MGA, Na Na Na Surprise Dolls are a totally new unboxing experience.

Na Na Na Surprise Dolls packaging

Firstly you have to open the package to find a real balloon. You then use the paper straw to inflate the balloon, then pop for an incredible confetti surprise (somehow I feel that is the step that is going to drive fellow parents crazy!).

Na Na Na Surprise Dolls confetti

You then unbox the balloon to find surprises – an adorable, animal-themed plush pom, surprise fashions and shoes. You then unzip the Pom to unbox a soft posable fashion doll.
There’s 6 different styles to collect in series 1, and with each one costing £22.99 it’s going to be a pricey collection if you want to collect them all!

From first impressions, the packaging definitely looks a lot bigger than the LOL Surprise dolls.

Each doll is styles around a particular animal, including a bunny and a tiger! They also come with a tag that reveals the dolls birthday and more about their personality.

Na Na Na Surprise Dolls series 1

If they are anything like the LOL Surprise dolls – i’m sure they are going to be a hit with anyone that enjoys unboxing dolls.
There’s already a brand website here where you can find out more about the each of the doll characters.

Where can I get them?

You can currently order them from the following places:

It will be interesting to see if they are the same phenomenal success as LOL Surprise dolls!

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