New Toilet Training Bing!

New in is this adorable Toilet Train Bing!

He is sold in most stores now, however Argos has the best deal on him at the moment. He is retailing for around £32, however he is just £24.99 at the moment at Argos.

Perfect for any little bingster that is starting to learn about toilet training.

Toilet Train Bing lets you know when he needs to go to the toilet. Sit Bing on the toilet and hear a flush when he’s finished! But, if Bing doesn’t make it in time uh-oh! A unique illuminating feature shows that Bing has wet himself. But it’s no big thing Bingsters can help Bing catch the toilet train the next time around!

Bing’s having lots of fun playing games – but when it’s time to wee, he’ll need a bit of help from your bingster!

Help bing make it to the toilet in time with this unique talking bing who lets bingsters know when it’s time to go!

Prices are correct as at time of posting. Retailers change their prices constantly so make sure to follow The Little Bargain Hunter on facebook to keep up to date with new bargains!

Find your nearest Argos store here

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