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New for Christmas 2020 are Oh My Gif! toys!
Gifs are huge online – if you’ve never seen one before here’s one of my favourites! Sometimes it’s just easier to say something in GIF form!
Oh My Gif! toys are a new collectible toy based on some of the most popular GIFs online.

What are Oh My Gif! toys?

Not only are they collectible toys, there is also an app available called Gifs Gone Live AR so you can collect and share your GIFbits digitally.

There are a few different sets available:

  • 6 Bit Dance Pack – contains 6 exclusive GIFbits
  • 3 Bit Pack – contains 3 GIFbits
  • 1 Bit Pack – contains 1 GIFbit

A card comes with each GIFbit with an AR card. Once scanned within the app, the GIFbit will then be available for you to use on your keyboard on your phone. There’s some more information on that here.

Some of the characters include Pickle Puggo, Party Poops and Working Out Doughby.

Oh My Gif 3 pack

How Much Are They?

They are priced at:

  • £5 RRP for a single pack
  • £10.00 RRP for a 3 pack
  • £20 RRP for a 6 pack

Where Can I Get Them?

They are available from:

Oh My Gif 6 pack