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What do you get if you combine an owl and a helicopter?! Owleez!


New from Spinmaster toys for 2019, Owleez are half helicopter and half adorable pet!

Each Owleez has large colourful eyes which change colour depending on it’s mood, it also has motion sensors which means you need to do things such as rocking it to sleep (how adorable!). There’s sensors on it’s head, belly and beak so you can pet it and feed it it’s favourite berries too!

You also have to teach your Owleez to fly! Yes that’s right – fly!
This is done by holding it out in your hand and waving it around (therefore teaching it to fly!). You can then pop it back in it’s nesr and ask it is ready to fly – if it isn’t it will make sad and scared noises and you will need to keep teaching it what to do for a little longer.
If it is ready, the neck will extend, blades will appear and it will take off! After flying around, it will head back to the nest which is also it’s charging pod.

It sounds really adorable!

I’ve included it in my top toys for 2019 because i’m sure it will be a hit with little ones – especially teaching them how to fly!

Where can I get Owleez?

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