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Just when you think the Baby Shark song is finally out of your head … in comes the Play-Doh Baby Shark set!

Play-Doh Baby Shark

Play-Doh always seems to be a safe bet when it comes to gifts, and with the huge success of Baby Shark it makes sense for there to be a Play-Doh Baby Shark version as well!

I’ll admit it – Play-Doh does drive me crazy getting stuck everywhere but my little one loves it so I can’t really say no to it! Especially as it’s a really creative a fun way for them to learn.

Play-Doh Baby Shark

This lovely set includes loads of different tools which lets you create mummy, daddy, grandma and grandpa, and of course lots of baby sharks!
They are 8 cutters, a fish book-mould, stamper, 3-sided stamper, a roller with 6 attachments, 3 coral plug-ins and a plastic knife!
It also comes with 12 different pots of Play-Doh which means loads of different colours to choose from.
I really like the bright colours that have been included – they look just like the sharks in the music video!

Play-Doh Baby Shark

As well as making your shark family, you can also make fish, coral, and other sea life creatures with the tools!
I’ve added this to my top toys for 2019 list – with the huge success of Baby Shark I think this is going to do really well!

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