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Polly Pockets just remind me of my own childhood! I used to love playing with the tiny playsets and the different characters.
They have now been reimagined and rereleased for Christmas 2018!

Polly Pockets

The new mini collectibles feature a number of different playsets and character options including mini world sets, mini room sets and accessories!
There’s a whole new range of different locations too – from the beach, dance party or even the ballet studio.
To help promote the new line of Polly Pockets, there is even new online games and a mini series to follow.

Polly Pockets

Where can I get Polly Pockets?

Theres a number of different retailers already stocking them as well as taking pre-orders:

The original Polly Pockets were designed by Chris Wiggs in 1983 for his daughter – he made the very first one out of a compact powder case. They were hugely popular in the 1990’s, it will be interesting to see if they are just as popular with a new generation.
Do you think they will be one of the top toys this Christmas?

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