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I’m pretty confident in saying that Unicorns are not going anywhere at the moment – they are still one of the biggest toy crazes around at the moment.
This Christmas, not only is there a huge range of Unicorn toys on the markets, they are being mixed with another favourite – slime.
In the case of the Poopsie Unicorn Surprise they’ve also been mixed with poop. Magical unicorn poop (What more could kids want right?!).

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

What is the Poopsie Unicorn Surprise?

There’s 4 different Poopsie Unicorns to collect – Whoopsie Doodle, Oopsie Starlight, Rainbow Brightstar, and Dazzle Darling.

If you haven’t guessed it by now…the unicorn poops. And not just any poop – its a surprise what kind of poop your unicorn will make.
You can feed it the unicorn food in it’s bottle and after a little while it will poop slime.
It’s made by the same creators as LOL Surprise so follows a similar theme with hidden surprises and blind bags.
Each unicorn comes with a surprise unicorn, glitter potty, one exclusive bottle, one exclusive poop character keychain, one unicorn shirt & diaper, a spoon, hair brush, cleaning tool and measuring cup.
They are priced at £49.99.
Argos have already tipped it to be one of the top toys this Christmas!

Where can I get one?

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise will be available from:

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