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If you didn’t already know…. Toy Story 4 is due to be released later this year! Released on the 21st June, Toy Story 4 follows the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang as they search for Bonnies new toy – Forky. Making a return to the Toy Story franchise is Bo Peep! Not only is she back, she’s got a new look too.

Here’s a quick round up of some of the best new Toy Story 4 Toys being released especially for the film.

Bo Peep Talking Action Figure by Disney store

Toy Story 4 Toys

Available now at shopDisney – this version of Bo Peep not only includes her cape (it can change into her skirt!), but she also talks to the other interactive toys in the same range.
Available at shopDisney*

P.S – This is my favourite version of Bo Peep!

Buzz Lightyear’s Star Adventurer Playset

Available at The Entertainer*

Bo Peep Staff

This looks amazing!! This iconic role-play item has motion-activated sounds. Tap the staff and hear “Baaaa!”. Swing it left or right and hear “Whoosh” as you battle like Bo. Twirl it overhead and hear “Swoosh”! The Bo Peep staff comes in a kid-perfect size of 3.5 feet long in the shepherdess’ blue colour with true-to-movie designs. 
available to preorder at Amazon*

Mattel Posable Figures

The Mattel posable figure range includes Woody, Buzz, Forky, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny and Jessie!
They are priced at around £13.
Available from The Entertainer*, Smyths, Amazon*

Mattel True Talkers Range

Mattel True Talkers range includes Woody, Buzz, Forky, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny and Jessie! They all say different phrases based on the movie.
Available from The Entertainer*, Smyths, Amazon*

Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania LEGO (10770 )

Toy Story 4 Toys

Features a fun carnival shooting game, decorated rocket elements that can be knocked down and separate, working cannon. This set also includes a Terrorantulus ride that turns and has adjustable arms, plus 2 bumper cars with Starter Brick chassis. Includes Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Bo Peep minifigures, plus Ducky and Bunny Toy Story figures.
Available at Asda*, Argos*, The Entertainer*

Toy Box Action Figures

The Toy Box series has been a great success – so much so it’s been expanded with some new Toy Story 4 sets. They include Bo Peep, Woody and Forky, Jessie and Slinky, Bullseye and an Alien!
Available online at shopDisney*

Deluxe Figure Set

Toy Story 4 Toys

This shopDisney Deluxe figure set includes 9 characters from the film – including Forky and Gabby Gabby!
Available at shopDisney*

Imaginext Figure Sets

Imaginext Toys are a huge success!! Not long ago they released some classic items such as the Pizza Planet truck. Now there’s Toy Story 4 specific figure sets. Including Woody, Forky and Bo Peep!

Available at The Entertainer*, Amazon*

Epic Moves Bo Peep

Mattel have released their over version of Bo Peep – complete with changeable outfits and her staff!
Available at The Entertainer*, Argos*, Amazon*, Smyths

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Armor

Available at Argos*, The Entertainer*

Toy Story Imaginext Buzz Bot

Featuring a removable spaceship and launch pad! Place Buzz in the cockpit of the spaceship and turn the Power Pad to open the wings. Now he’s ready to blast off—to infinity and beyond! With a fully loaded projectile launcher, retractable claw arm, and hidden jail cell.
Available at Smyths

Ducky and Bunny Go Glow Pal

The perfect pal for bedtime, this 2 in 1 Toy Story GoGlow Pal, night light and cuddly character offers a friendly face at lights-out with its reassuring glow. Simply squeeze Ducky and watch him glow. Features 10 minute auto-fade.
Available at Argos*

Talking Officer Giggle McDimples

How adorable is she!! With this special doll, kids interact with her like Bo Peep does in the movie! The 5-inch scale size figure wears her iconic officer uniform and cap, and responds to your questions as she changes facial expressions.
Available at Argos*

Buzz Lightyear’s Deluxe Walkie Talkie

Designed to look just like Buzz Lightyear’s arm, now you and a friend can pretend to be your favourite space ranger! Use them to talk to each other just like regular walkie talkie and create your own space missions. Open up the Intercom to find the controls. Talk to your friend, control the volume and discover the laser feature. 
Available at Argos*

What do you think about some of the new Toy Story 4 Toys that are coming out? I’m a huge fan of the shopDisney Bo Peep – she’s so much bigger in real life! If you’re looking for more Toy Story inspiration – take a look at my round up of the best Toy Story gifts.

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