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Christmas will soon be upon us…that magical time of year that is filled with chocolate, stress, gifts, stress and then some more stress on top. To try and help, I have put together The Little Bargain Hunters list of the Top Toys for Christmas 2017!

If your little one is anything like mine – they already have everything! Toys are so expensive now so choosing something they might like is so tricky as it could cost you an arm and a leg! These are some of the best toys around at the moment (in my opinion anyway!). There’s a few on here I have already bought my toddler and a few i’m also considering.

I’m going to keep adding to the post as new toys become available towards Christmas!

12. FurReal Friends Tyler the Tiger

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

The Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger pet is the latest addition to the FurReal line of toys. He is fully interactive, roaring back when you talk to him. He also responds to sounds and touch with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations! He even has a little chicken toy that he reacts to when it squeaks!

Available From: Very* Argos*,  Amazon*Toys R Us*The Entertainer*

11. DC Superhero Girl Toddler Dolls

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Perfect for toddlers, the DC Superheros are now in toddler doll form! Available in Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl.

Available from: Amazon*, Argos*

10. JoJo Doll and Bow Maker

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

I must have been living under a rock as I have only just found out who JoJo is! The YouTube star has just released her very own doll and Bow Maker! If you know a little one who is a huge fan of her or just loves wearing the bows, the Bow maker would be a lovely present. It can make 4 JoJo bows – a lot cheaper than buying them in the shops!

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Bow Maker available from: The Entertainer*, Amazon*

JoJo Doll available from: The Entertainer*

9. Paw Patrol My Size Tower

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Anything Paw Patrol is bound to be a best seller. This My Size tower is over 75cm tall – much better than the pricey small lookout tower playsets. It’s a perfect height for toddlers and looks like it has a lot more features. There’s lights, sounds, working lift and even a pup pack storage space!

The only downside to this is that it is quite pricey at almost £100 (over £110 in some stores!). If your little one likes Paw Patrol then I would say it would be worth it.

Available from: Argos*, The Entertainer*, Amazon*, Asda*

8. L.O.L Surprise Big Surprise

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

The ultimate unboxing experience. Discover 50 layers of surprise inside with exclusive characters and accessories!

It is not cheap at £59.99, but it is as big as they say it is – it’s 32cm tall and has 50 surprises inside!

There are three layers – the first layer has 10 surprises (Doll Accessories), second layer is made up of 5 Charm Fizz Balls (each with 3 charms in), the third layer contains two L.O.L Dolls and two L.O.L Lil Sisters.

Available from: Argos*, Smyths*, Toys R Us*, The Entertainer*, Tesco*

7. PAW Patrol Sea Patroller and Sea Patrol Pup Pad Playset

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

A whole new range of Paw Patrol toys have just been released revolving around the sea! This means a new patroller, new vehicles, new pups and a new pup pad! If your little one is a Paw Patrol fan then they will definitely be a hit. I have the sea patroller for my toddler for Christmas and it is huge! It was half price in Tesco so my friend managed to pick one up for me.

We also have the previous pup pad and it is great for in the car – it keeps my toddler entertained!

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Sea Patroller Vehicle available from: Argos*, Asda*, Amazon*, The Entertainer*.

Sea Patrol Pup Pad Playset available from: Argos*, Amazon*, The Entertainer*, Asda*

6. Colleggtibles Hatchimal Nursery

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

The nursery is the perfect place for you to care and hatch your colleggtibles. Theres are 35 different places to display your different colleggtibles as well as spinning cribs, swings, slide and a shower. If you place your Colleggtible into the centre of the tree, it will pop out the top with it’s shell cracked ready for to you hatch!

Available from: Argos*, The Entertainer*, Toys R Us*, Tesco*, Smyths*

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

With two full sides of toddler-friendly learning fun, the Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck serves up hours of role play and hands-on activities. Its blend of kitchen and vehicle play keeps mini-entrepreneurs busy—greeting customers, working the register, prepping “orders” on the light-up grill, and more. And while they’re engaged in all that super fun role play, toddlers are also being introduced to sizing and sequencing, advanced vocabulary, manners, taking turns, and more with lively songs, sounds, and phrases!

Available from: Argos*, Very*, Amazon*Asda*, Toys R Us*, Tesco*

4. Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas Sky High Bridge Playset

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Watch Thomas complete his most breath-taking stunt yet in the TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump from Fisher-Price. This Thomas & Friends train set breaks new ground by taking Thomas off the tracks and sending him soaring through the air, delivering speed, excitement, and motorized action!

Available from: Argos*, Toys R Us*, Asda*Smyths*

3. Leapfrog Ice Cream Cart

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Not only is this educational – it’s also adorable! It is designed to help little ones learn about counting, as well as colours, matching skills and problem solving. You insert an activity card into the Ice Cream Cart which tells you who wants serving next and what they would like. Little ones can then get the order ready for the customer using the ice cream scoop and stacking the ice cream on top of each other. When the order is ready they can press the bell at the end of the Kart and take payment at the magic till.

Available from: Argos*Amazon*Very*The Entertainer*Smyths*

2. Fingerlings

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

They have been around for a little while already but are still proving popular! They are often sold out online which proves how popular they are. They’re interactive pets that cling on to your finger and respond to your touch and voice. There are over 50 animations to discover! They come in a variety of colours and now have some playsets as well.

Available from: Argos*, The Entertainer*, Tesco*, Toys R Us*, Smyths*

1. Luvabella

Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Luvabella is set to be huge! It has even been dubbed the hatchimal of 2017. Pre-Orders have already sold out and they are already going for stupid money on eBay. She (or he – there is also a Luvabeau*!) has been dubbed the most lifelike baby doll ever. She has fluid movements and responds to being fed and cared for like a real baby. She laughs when her feet are ticked, and gets upset when her eyes are covered for too long.

Available from Argos*, Toys R Us*, The Entertainer*, Smyths*, Very*.


Is your little ones most wanted toy on my list?

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