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If you have heard of the Little Live Pets range of toys you will most likely have heard about Wrapples!
New for Christmas 2018, Wrapples are a new line to the incredibly popular Little Live Pets range.


What are Wrapples?

Firstly, they remind me of the bands you used to get many many years ago that you slapped onto your wrist (i’m probably showing my age now!).
They work in a similar way apart from you have an adorable creature on your wrist rather than a band.
They have over 50 sound effects and motions, triggered by sound and movement.
Here’s just some of the varieties you can collect:

  • Skyo
  • Princeza
  • Una

Where can I get them?

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
Retailers change their prices constantly so make sure to follow The Little Bargain Hunter on facebook to keep up to date with new bargains!