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The Phantom Manor (or Haunted Mansion as it is known in the US) is an iconic piece of Disney History. It has a huge cult following all over the world. The Phantom Manor Decrypted Attraction Book has been released as a companion to the Disneyland Paris version of the attraction – the Phantom Manor.

The first time we went to Disneyland Paris, we didn’t even make it on the Phantom Manor ride! It was in the middle of extensive renovation which took place during 2018, which unfortunately coincided with our trip there. My little girl was also quite small then so I don’t think she would have enjoyed it as much as we would have.

We did manage to go on the attraction when we went back to Disneyland in May 2019. It had not long reopened so it was an exciting experience for us all!

What is the Phantom Manor Decrypted Attraction Book about?

The Phantom Manor attraction book is about how the story of the Phantom is brought to life within the attraction and a brief history of the attraction itself.

The chapters of the book are based on your journey through the Phantom Manor attraction, from the gardens outside to entering the doom buggies. It takes you through each area, explaining how and why it was been designed in this way.
I really enjoyed reading about how the manor and Frontierland (where the attraction can be found at Disneyland Paris) link together.
A huge reference point is the 2018 renovations and how this period allowed the artistic team to take another look at the story behind the attraction. It allowed them to ‘flesh’ out any parts that weren’t previously clear enough to the attractions audience.

The book explains some of the differences between the other Haunted Mansion attractions around the world and how each story differs slightly. I found this part very interesting as I haven’t been able to visit any other attraction other than in Disneyland Paris.

What it what you expected?

Yes and no!

I really enjoyed learning more about the teams that worked on the Phantom Manor project. It was interested learning more about their special effects backgrounds and how older Disney special effect teams influenced their works today.
It was also fascination to understand how Frontierland was developed around the attraction and the link to Big Thunder Mountain attraction.

I was hoping for some more maps and diagrams of the ride itself (I love knowing how things work!). Another thing I was hoping for more explanation of the additional characters such as the hitch hiking ghosts.
I did enjoy reading more about the original history of the Haunted Mansion and how that influenced the other ‘Haunted’ attractions at Disney parks around the world.

Where can I get the Phantom Manor Decrypted Attraction Book?

As well as being available within the Disneyland Paris park, the Phantom Manor Decrypted Attraction Book has also been available numerous times on shopDisney.
You can check if it is currently in stock here on the product page*.
It cost £19.99.

The book is in both English and French.

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
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