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One of the first posts I came across when I was researching Toy Story party games was a Mr Potato Head tin can alley! It looked fantastic and would be a perfect addition to the party. It took me a little while to realise that they were homemade (definitely longer than I would like to admit!).

I came across a tin can alley game in B&M for £6.99. It included 6 cans as well as 2 bean bags. I’m glad that it included bean bags as I didn’t realise quite how expensive they were and I had zero time left to make some myself!
Amazon have a great selection of Tin Can* alley games if you can’t find one in B&M.

Mr Potato Head Tin Can Alley game from B&M

You don’t necessarily have to buy a ready made game to make your Mr Potato Head Tin Can Alley, you could easily collect some used cans and use them instead. I didn’t do this as the children attending the party were quite young and I didn’t want an adventurous little one to throw the can and injure another child with the sharp edges (or knock someone out if it was a full can!). So I thought the best thing to do would be to use a ready made game.

After searching online for some drawings of Mr Potato head, I came across this post by Dan the Pixar Fan that had collected some images of the drawings Andy had in his room. One of them was the Mr Potato Head wanted poster – it was perfect for my game!

Mr Potato Head Tin Can Alley in box

I then printed out some smaller versions of the poster onto white paper. I made sure to centre the image on the row so that I could wrap the white area all the way around the can and tape it at the back.
After all, I didn’t want the images to be ruined by a line of tape down the front! Once we had them all cut out and stuck to the cans it was a case of testing them out!

Mr Potato Head Tin Can Alley standing up

Pleased to say they passed the test and went down extremely well at the birthday party!
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