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Earlier on this year, Funko announced that one of the 2019 exclusive SDCC Funko Pops was going to be Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dam. Funko have never made any of the characters from this film so as soon as it was announced I knew I wanted to add him to my collection!

Box of Quasimodo SDCC Funko

If you have never heard of San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC for short!), it is a huge 4 day event held in San Diego during the summer. It primarily showcased comic books but has grown into a huge pop culture event where brands showcase up and coming products. It also gives attendees the opportunity to purchase exclusive items at the event as well.

SDCC Stitcker Quasimodo SDCC Funko

As previously mentioned, this year Funko announced that there was going to be 6 different Disney pops released.
They were:

  • Carl and Ellie
  • Quasimodo 
  • Chuckles
  • Mr Pricklepants
  • Moana and Pua
  • Taran & The Horned King

I couldn’t not add the Quasimodo SDCC Funko Pop to my collection – especially as I already set my sights on Chuckles, Mr Pricklepants and the Carl and Ellie set. I purchased Quasimodo from Double Boxed Toys as I was slightly impatient and didn’t want to miss out on it! It was eventually announced that it was going to be stocked by EMP (they usually get a lot of the Hot Topic exclusives!). As soon as it went live on the EMP site it sold out which proves how popular it was!
Because it sold out so quickly I was relieved I had already pre-ordered it!
The only place to find one now is either eBay* or on Funko Pop groups on facebook.

Close up of Quasimodo SDCC Funko

What is the figure like?

The figure is Quasimodo in his green, ragged outfit from the film. He is stood in a stooped pose holding onto one of the gargoyles – Hugo (they were also my favourites from the film!). and a playing card.

Quasimodo SDCC Funko holding gargoyle

The mould of the character is great – I really like the details they’ve added around his eye and his nose. My only grumble is that the paint job isn’t 100%. Some areas of the figure look almost dirty due to the paint being a little patchy.

I really hope this opens the door for more Funko Pop characters from the Hunchback of Notre Dam!

What would have been a nice touch is if part of the profits from the sales of this figure went towards to repair of the Notre Dam cathedral (in my opinion anyway!).

Close up

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