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As soon as I set eyes on the SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko set I knew I needed it in my Funko collection!
Every year Funko release a huge range of special edition Funko Pops as part of the San Diego Comic Con. This year, there were 6 different Disney pops released. They were:

  • Carl and Ellie
  • Quasimodo 
  • Chuckles
  • Mr Pricklepants
  • Moana and Pua
  • Taran & The Horned King

As they are SDCC Funko Pops, they come with two stickers. Theres the SDCC sticker itself and the shared SDCC sticker. If you went to SDCC and bought one of the Funko Pops from the event itself, you would get the convention sticker. If you buy the Funko Pop from one of the stores it is shared with after the convention (so if you buy online for example), you would receive the shared SDCC sticker.
As a Funko collector, it can be a tough call whether to buy pops from the USA or from Popcultcha (in Australia), or to stick it out and wait for the shared European stores to be announced. This year I did a mixture of both. I bought Mr Pricklepants from Popcultcha, Chuckles the clown from Amazon.Com and the Ellie and Carl double pack from Double Boxed Toys.

Occasionally, Funko quality control and be a little bit of a let down. Especially when it comes to odd paint jobs. With so much detail on the SDCC Carl and Ellie I was a little worried when they arrived incase they didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised!
There’s so much detail included on them and, at least on my Funko Pops, it’s spot on!

How lovely is the grape soda detail on the pack!


The Ellie figure is packed with details – such as  the Adventure Book and the freckles on her face. I also loved how they included the patches on her jeans. Similar to Carl, Ellie also comes with a clear plastic stand to help her stand up. Even though she doesn’t seem as top heavy as the Carl figure, she’s still quite difficult to stand without it. Now we have a younger version of Ellie, I hope we see a Funko of an older version of her character. It would be nice to have them together anyway!

SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko Ellie Holding the Adventure Book


SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko Carl with a balloon

This figure is of the Young Carl we see at the very beginning of UP. He is wearing his Charles Muntz hat (complete with goggles!), sweater and of course holding a Spirit of Adventure balloon.
One of the most iconic scenes in UP is Ellie pinning the Grape Soda badge onto Carl. I’m so pleased that this little detail was included on his sweater. With it being such a small detail I was again worried it might arrive smudged but it arrived with perfect detail – right down to the Grape Soda text.

SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko carl with balloon background

Carl comes with a little clear stand you can use if you were going to display him out of the box. He is a little too heavy and I struggled to keep him upright without the stand. Another added detail that I liked was that his glasses did actually have a clear plastic in them. They didn’t arrive ‘hollow’ which can often be the case for figures with glasses!

SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko Grape Soda Badge

All in all I would say that both figures are exactly how I would have wanted them to be. The little details on them are fantastic – I’m so thrilled that they have finally be created in pop form!

Where Can I Get The SDCC Carl and Ellie Funko set?

Carl and Ellie were available exclusively in the UK at shopDisney*.
They were also available exclusively at Box Lunch in the USA.

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
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