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Please note – I was kindly gifted this item by Paladone.

I was so thrilled when this lovely Toy Story Alien Mug arrived with the postman a couple of days ago. The kinds folks over at Paladone had kindly gifted me this adorable mug. If you have seen Paladone products before you would know that they create products for a huge number of different franchises – from Disney to Marvel to Horror films. Their product catalogue is just huge!

First Impressions

My first impression of the Toy Story Alien Mug was that it was a little smaller than I thought. This is in no way a bad thing! I love a big cup of tea, but sometimes if a mug is too big you end up with cold tea and needing to pop to the loo every 10 minutes. If anything the mug is just the right size!

Toy Story Alien Mug

Another thing I noticed was how great the design was on this mug. Occasionally, when the Toy Story aliens are involved, the design of them can go a tad wrong – they end up looking nothing like they did in the film. Something I really liked about this was how accurate it was to the alien design. Even my parents knew exactly who it was meant to be!

Final Thoughts

This mug is has definitely earned a place in my favourite Disney mugs collection. The only thing (and it is a tiny little thing!) I wish it had incorporated somewhere was the planet logo. It would have been a nice addition to it.

You can read more about the Toy Story Alien Mug directly on the Paladone website here.

Where can I get one?

The good news is that this Alien mug is available from most major retailers.

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