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The Haunted Mansion is probably one of the most iconic rides at Disneyland. This isn’t just your normal haunted house though, this one has Doom buggies, hitch hiking ghosts and a ghostly bride!

I’ve never been lucky enough to ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, although I have been on the Phantom Manor ride at Disneyland Paris AND i’ve watched the Eddie Murphy version of the Haunted Mansion film a fair few times! We loved the ride at Disneyland Paris. The first time we went it was closed for refurbishment which was really disappointing. The last time we went we managed to go on the ride. I was a little worried what my four year old would make of the ride but she absolutely loved it! Our favourite part had to be the doom buggies – they are so iconic and made the whole ride feel a little more spooky.

Since the ride has a huge cult following, Disney produces some amazing merchandise to go along side it so you can take part of the ride home with you (because why wouldn’t you want to do that!). One thing I really regret not picking up from Disneyland Paris is the conductors hat – I only knew it existed after I returned home so that is on my list to pick up next time I head there.

Here’s a round up of some of my favourite Haunted Mansion Merchandise available at the moment…

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey

Haunted Mansion spirit jersey available at

Haunted Mansion ornament

Doom Buggy Ornament available from*

Haunted Mansion tombstone

Madame Leota tombstone available from*

Haunted Mansion light up ornament

Light up Gargoyle ornament from*

Haunted Mansion socks

Haunted Mansion adult socks available from*

Haunted Mansion hoodie

Haunted Mansion Zip up Hoodie available from

Haunted Mansion plush

Limited Edition Glow in the dark Opera plush available at

Haunted Mansion key

Large Hatbox Ghost key available from

Haunted Mansion dog bandanas

Dog bandana set available from

Haunted Mansion bride ornament

Bride Ornament available at

If you have been lucky enough to ride the Haunted Mansion, what is your favourite piece of Haunted Mansion Merchandise? I would love to hear!

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