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One thing I loved about Disneyland Paris was the little secrets that were dotted around the park. You might not have spotted them unless you knew what to look for!
Here’s a run down of my top 12 Disneyland Paris secrets and where to find them!

1. Main Street Music

Disneyland Paris Secrets

As you walk down Main Street, if you listen closely you will hear all sorts of little noises – from people talking to a dentist drill!
We went during the Halloween period and heard all sorts of ghoulish noises!

2. Dragon Under The Castle

This was one of our favourite secrets! Instead of heading up the bridge and into the castle, head to the left and you will see a walkway going underneath the castle. There you will find a sleeping dragon! He’s not always sleeping though – he will often wake up and roar!

3. Art Class

If you head into the Disney Studios park, at the Art of Animation there is an art class. You can take the class and occasionally the artist will choose someone to keep their drawing!

4. Secret Window Display

Disneyland Paris Secrets

If you head towards the Constellations store within Discoveryland, you might notice a little path around the lefthand side. If you follow it around you will come across a secret window display!
Apparently it is one of the first displays at DisneylandParis and has been kept exactly as it was!

5. Coin Collections

Disneyland Paris Secrets

Did you know you can collect special coins around the park? You might come across the coin machines in various locations – however can you buy the entire set (or your missing ones!) from the Buggy hire shop.

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6. Stained Glass

Disneyland Paris Secrets

Take the stairs inside the castle to head up to the first floor. Here you can see the amazing Disney stained glass windows featuring some Disney favourites.

7. Wand Making

Inside the castle there is a wand shop! Here you can put together your own piece of magic!

8. Cinderellas Carriage

Disneyland Paris Secrets

Inside the Auberge de Cendrillon courtyard is Cinderellas carriage! Whilst you can’t get inside the carriage, it makes a lovely photo.

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9. Wicked Queen in the Window

Disneyland Paris Secrets

If you head towards the Blanche-Neige et Les Sept Nains ride (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), don’t forget to take a moment and watch the window above – you might just spot the Wicked Queen opening the curtains!

10. Scream Canisters

Disneyland Paris Secrets

If you head into the studio park and turn right, opposite the Art of Animation studio is a monsters inc set! You can even test out your screaming by filling a scream canister!

11. Wall-e and Eve

Disneyland Paris Secrets

We actually came across them by chance! If you head past Cafe Hyperion towards the Starport ride, you will see Wall-e and Eve!

12. Remy and Gusteau

Keep your eye on the fountains and walkways near the Ratatouille ride – you might just spot Remy and Gusteau!

Well that wraps up my top Disneyland Paris Secrets! Have you got any other secrets about the park to share? I would love to hear them!

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