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Organising a kids party can sometimes be stressful enough without the pressure of thinking up unique Party Bag Ideas.
It’s a toss up between getting something that isn’t a waste (and will probably end up in a bin) and something that won’t drive parents potty.

Party Bag Ideas

There’s a fine line between getting something that is entertaining and something that is only included to fill up the bag – i’m looking at you tiny plastic toys.
We threw a Rapunzel theme party for my little one last year – it took a lot of planning as i’m a bit of a stickler for details. You can see the Rapunzel tower cake I made here. We had a few Party Bag Ideas but settled on bubble wands, paint and of course a piece of cake!

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Here’s 15 easy ideas for party bags that won’t cost the earth and (hopefully) won’t end up going straight in the bin.

Bubble Wand

This can be so much fun in the summer! It also gives them something to take home and play with away from the party. Bubble wands come in all sorts of colours so you could easily match it to a ‘theme’, or even add stickers or ribbons. Supermarkets usually have them quite cheap nearer the summer. They are also available on Amazon*.

Paint and Paint Brush

I actually did this for my toddler Rapunzel theme party. I bought a cheap pack of paint brushes and a few cheap multipacks of poster paint. I then split them up and fixed the paint brush to the paint using some coloured ribbon. They looked lovely in the bags!
It’s also a good idea to warn the parents that there is paint in the bag – just incase any inquisitive little ones open it on the way home.


You can easily pick up some cheap storybooks from places such as The Works*, Home Bargains, B&M or even The Book People*. You could buy a multipack and then divide them to help save costs.

Piece of cake and a fancy balloon

Sometimes all you need is a piece of cake and a fancy balloon! Amazon* has a great selection of cheap air walker style balloons*. You could even buy a Helium canister to fill them yourself.

A bulb in a little plant pot

Such a simple idea but it gives them something to take away that they can enjoy for a little longer. You could even personalise the plant pots with their name.

Baking cone

Similar to a sweet cone but instead you fill it with the dry ingredients for a small cake, brownies or even fairy cakes!

Tub of Playdoh

You can’t really go wrong with Play Doh – its regularly reduced (especially multipacks with cutters!). Amazon have a good selection of multipacks*.

Hot Chocolate cone

Similar to the Baking cone, instead it is filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Colouring Book

Who doesn’t love a colouring book?

Water bottle

Water bottles can be picked up so cheap now – especially in places like Primark, B&M or Home Bargains. It’s something that can be made use of away from the party.


Perfect if you are having a summer party!

Small craft kit

You could use the same cones from the Baking or Hot Chocolate idea and instead fill it with little craft pieces such as felt, stickers, goggly eyes etc.

Pencil case with pens (or pencils)

Again, something that can be used again and again! You could even buy bulk packs of pens or pencils and divide them between the pencil cases.

Sweet cone

Save money buy buying some bulk bags of sweets and filling up a plastic cone.

Party Bag Ideas

Bath squirter

Bath squirters can be picked up relatively cheaply from places such as Asda. They usually have a little selection near the baby toys.

If you have any other unique party bag ideas I would love to hear them!

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