Fancy sharing this?

It was our toddlers birthday not long ago so I thought I would share her what we bought as her 2nd Birthday Gifts and how I saved some money.

I have been slowly buying gifts here and there since last summer! My other half thinks its strange that I bought her things last year but i’m one of those people that would rather buy something now when its reduced, than buy it at full price later in the year.

What did she get as 2nd Birthday Gifts?

She is Twirlywoo and Bing crazy so they were the obvious choices! It also helped that she’s still quite young so she cant insist on having a particular toy. Im sure this will change this Christmas!

2nd Birthday Gifts

Giant Twirlywoos

Were £39.99 each (What!!!). I paid £14.99 and £16.49 for them from Argos.

Bing Brenda The Blender

Usually £15 – Paid £11 in the Sainsburys toy sale last year.

Bings House

Usually around £25 – Paid £15 in the Tesco Toy sale last year.

Sulas House

Usually £29.99 – Paid £12.99 in Argos

Flops Car

Usually £15, paid £11.25 in the Sainsburys toy sale last year.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Were £10.99 each, paid £4.99 each at Argos.

Bing Jigsaw pack

Should have cost £5 – Paid £0 as it was part of the Tesco 3 for 2 toys deal before Christmas

Bing characters (3 packs – Pando and skateboard, CoCo and Charlie, Sula and Amma)

Should have cost £8 per pack. Paid £2.50 per pack in Asda.

My Savings

My best savings were on the giant Twirlywoos and Sulas house. So far she has played with everything – the giant twirlywoos being her favourite. We watched Toy Story last week and she thought it was hilarious that Mr Potato head was on the tv and on the floor at the same time!

What I spent: £99.20

What it should have cost: £215.95

Saving: £116.75