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So you’re off to Disneyland Paris! It’s exciting but it can be SO overwhelming – there’s so much more to it than just a few days away.
Here’s a rundown of some of my top Disneyland Paris Hints and Tips.

Disneyland Paris Hints and Tips

Comfy Shoes

It goes without staying… take comfy shoes! We seriously underestimated the amount of walking we would do. By the end of the day our feet ached so much. Another top tip is to wear two pairs of socks – it’s a strange one but it helped save our tired feet towards the end of our holiday!

Take A Poncho

Ponchos within the park can be expensive. We managed to pick up 2 adult Ponchos and a child Poncho from Go Outdoors for less that £10. Luckily we never needed them but we always kept them in our backpack just incase.

Take a pushchair

Our little one was 3 when we visited. She hadn’t been in a pushchair for months so we deliberated whether to take one or not. Taking one was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did our toddler use it all the time, it was handy to store our coats, backpacks, water bottle and other bits and pieces. We left it next to any rides we went on and just took any valuables in with us.
If you forget a pushchair (or find you need one when you’re there) you can hire one for the day from the Buggy Hire shop.

Early Magic Hours

If you are staying in a Disneyland Hotel, you get the added bonus of Early Magic Hours! Early Magic hours allow you to enter the park before regular ticket holders (who are not staying in a Disneyland Hotel).
We went to the park for 8:30am everyday of our holiday. This meant we were able to go on all the rides before the queues got too big.
We usually had a small snack in our hotel room first before heading into the park. Once the park opened to the public at 10am we then went to Annettes diner to have a big breakfast.

Disneyland Paris Hints and Tips

Plaza Garden Breakfast

On our last day of our holiday we booked to have a character breakfast at Plaza gardens. One of the main reasons for doing this is because you have to enter the park in order to get to the restaurant. This meant we had the perfect opportunity to have our photos taken in front of the castle whilst the park was empty! Unfortunately our toddler didn’t get the memo and refused to have her photo taken with us – toddlers hey!

Getting the best Parade spot

My top tip for bagging a great view for the evening parade is to sit near a lamp post or near to a bin (they are clean – promise!).
During our holiday the parade started at 5:30pm, we found our spot on the curb just after 4pm. We got some snacks and sat on the curb and ate them whilst we waited. Even at 4pm the curbs were starting to get full with others also doing the same thing!
As it gets closer and closer to the parade time, the pavements get so full with everyone trying to get a good view. Being next to a lamp post or a bin meant that we couldn’t be pushed out of the way.

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Shopping for Gifts

When you first step into one of the many, many gift stores it so tempting to go crazy!
Just wait.
Most of the merchandise is available in almost all stores – it is also available in the Disney Village stores.
Some stores also allow you to buy your item and have it sent back to your hotel. This is a great idea as it saves you carrying it around with you all day in the crowds.
We waited until we were heading home for the evening to buy any bulky items.

Water Bottles

Scattered throughout the park are water fountains! You can easily find your nearest one on the Park map or Disneyland Paris app. Drinks within the park can be quite expensive – even more so if you need drinks for an entire family.
We bought some cheap water bottles from Primark beforehand as well as some Robinsons concentrated squash squirters! We just filled up as and when we needed a drink. It probably saved us a small fortune!

Snack Pack

One of my top Disneyland Paris Hints and Tips!
Similar to drinks, the price of snacks can quickly add up if you are having multiple throughout the day. We put together some snack packs that included:

  • Cereal Bars
  • Fruity snack bars
  • Brioche rolls
  • Chocolate bars
  • Dried Fruit

As we didn’t have a fridge in our room, it was difficult to take anything ‘fresh’ such as fruit.

I hope you found my Disneyland Paris Hints and Tips useful. You can never be too prepared when you’re planning for a Disney holiday!
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