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The alphabet blocks are an iconic part of the first Toy Story film. So, when planning my little girls Toy Story themed birthday party I knew I had to incorporate this idea into the decorations. So I set about figuring out how to make my own Alphabet Letter Blocks.
It turned out to be relatively easy!

You will need:

Materials required for Alphabet Letter Blocks

How Do I Make Alphabet Letter Blocks?

To start with, I constructed my cubed boxes. I needed to know how big they were when they were put together so I would know how big to print off the letter templates.

Once I had constructed the boxes, I printed off some giant individual letters onto paper. These were going to be the outline of the letters that will eventually be stuck around the edges of the box. I used them to double check the sizing before I began cutting them out of foam.

Using the paper letter template.

I then began drawing around them onto the coloured foam. I chose three colours for my blocks: red, yellow and blue. Once all letters were drawn out, I started to cut them out.

Cutting out foam letters for Alphabet Letter Blocks

It’s important to make sure you have enough foam to cut out all of the same letters of that type you will need. I cut out four of each individual letter, I then had one for each of the sides as well as one for the top of the cubes.
I didn’t make one for the bottom because I figured no one would see the bottom of the cubes and they might not stack on top of each other quite as neatly.

Red Alphabet Letter Blocks

Once my foam letters were all ready, I started to add the edging to my boxes. I used Duck tape as it was brightly colours and pretty cheap. The reason why I also chose red, blue and yellow was that it was quite easy to match the colour of the tape to the colour of the foam.
I found it easier wrapping the tape all the way around all four sides of an edge in one go. I alternated each side as I went so the tape would over lap. Once all edges were taped, I stuck a letter into the centre of each side to complete the cubes.

Finished Alphabet Letter Block

I was so impressed with how they turned out!
We got lots of compliments on them during the party – many people thought they had been bought! They are now sat in my little girls playroom as a nice memory of her birthday party. 
I hope this has helped you if you are trying to make your own Alphabet Letter Blocks. If you do end up making some I would love to see them over on my facebook page.

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