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When kids are little, thinking of birthday presents can either go one of two ways:

  • They want everything and anything and don’t stop telling you about it
  • They don’t want or need anything and you have zero clue what to get them

This year, my little girl fell into the latter category. We had just downsized LOADS of toys and games and I didn’t really want to start filling up the playroom again with junk that she wasn’t really that keen on.
So when family and friends started asking what to get her we asked for books (she loves reading!), games or some money to put away in her bank account.
One thing we did think about which we thought would be interesting and not just something that will take up space is an Insect Lore Butterfly Garden. I had seen them pop up all over instagram this summer, as well as in her pre-school class. So my lovely sister in law bought her one as a present!

What do you get in the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden kit?

So inside the butterfly garden kit you get:

• Pop-up, reusable 30cm tall mesh habitat
• Feeding Pipette 
• Instructions 
• Voucher for a cup of 3-5 live caterpillars

Once we got the voucher out it was really straight forward. We headed to the website on the voucher and entered our voucher number. We then picked when we wanted the caterpillars to be dispatched – I thought this was really helpful so you could potentially order in advance or order them around holiday etc.
Our caterpillars took about 4 days to arrive.
They arrived in a thick cardboard box (because nobody wants squashed caterpillars to arrive!) along with some more instructions. They were a little sleepy for the first day or so but then quickly started wriggling around in the tub!
I was under the impression that I would have to take them out of the tub and fill the pop up habitat with twigs and leaves. you don’t need to do any of that!
the caterpillars stay within the plastic pot until they turn into Chrysalis. There’s enough food in the bottom of the plastic pot so nothing extra needs to be added.

Is it worth it?

Yes! As much as my little girl loved it, both myself and her Dad were fascinated by it all! We all loved watching the caterpillars grow into these hairy beasts and then patiently wait for them all to begin hanging upside down. It was really amazing to see as it’s not something you might notice on a daily basis when you are out and about.

When they began emerging from their cocoons we were all so excited!

How long did it all take?

All in all, the entire cycle of us ordering the caterpillars, them arriving and then completing the cycle took around 3 weeks.

Here’s some photos showing the process.

It was a great project – and so much better than something that will be played with once and then stuffed in a cupboard somewhere! Now we have the butterfly garden I can’t wait to do this again next year!

Where can I get a Butterfly Garden?

The butterfly garden kit is sold in the following places:

Please note – the caterpillars are only available during the summer months.

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Butterfly

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