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Earlier in the summer I was lucky enough to be invited to London by shopDisney for their Toy Story 4 summer showcase event. Our food for the evening was Pizza served in Pizza Planet boxes!
This gave me a great idea for my little girls birthday party – why not serve up everyones lunch snacks in Pizza Planet pizza boxes?!

I looked online for quite a while to see if you could buy ready made Pizza Planet Pizza Boxes. It turns out your can but they are pretty expensive – especially if you need quite a few like I did! So I set about investigating how to make my own.

Small labels for Pizza Planet Pizza Boxes

What do I need to make my own Pizza Planet boxes?

You will need the following:

How did you make your own Pizza Planet boxes?

I purchased a pack of 100 pizza boxes off eBay for around £20. When they arrived they were perfect! We just needed to fold them together.
I needed them to be white on the outside so the Pizza Planet logo would stand out on the front and sides. The inside colour didn’t matter too much as they would be closed anyway. In this case, the boxes were plain cardboard inside.

Empty pizza boxes for the Pizza Planet Pizza Boxes

For the Pizza Planet logos – I purchased a template kit off Etsy for around £8.
Rather than printing to plain paper, cutting out and then sticking with glue, I took the easy option and printed directly onto some A4 size labels.
I used these*.

Lots of labels

It was then really easy to slice the printed labels using a guillotine. This meant I could slice 4 or 5 in one go. We then stuck the labels onto the white pizza boxes. 

Finished Pizza Planet Pizza Box

To finish, we then cut some grease proof paper into squares and placed it inside of the box. This meant we could put some of the hot food inside without any grease or pieces of food falling out of the boxes.

We had so many pizza planet boxes stacked in our lounge the day before the party!

Originally I was going to buy some miniature pizzas – one for each child. In the end, we decided that this would be a logistical nightmare to cook them all and keep them all warm (we had 30+ kids attending!). So we settled on buying some extra large pizzas and then cutting them into slices.
This actually worked really well as it meant that any little ones that were still hungry afterwards could grab an extra slice if they wanted to.

Each box had a slice of pizza and some chicken nuggets inside with fruit, sandwiches and crisps available on the tables.

Prices are correct as at time of posting.
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