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#AD #GIFTED  – I was kindly sent the Lion King match game by Winnings Moves UK to review. All views are my own.

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What is the Lion King Match Game?

The Lion King Math game is produced by the same company that creates the Top Trumps cards – Winning Moves. We’ve enjoyed playing Top Trumps in the past, however my little girl is just that bit too young yet to really understand what it’s all about (but she does love looking at the pictures!).

The Lion King Match Game is suitable for little ones aged 4+ and can have 2 players at a time.

Lion King Match Game overview

The aim of the Lion King match game is to be the first player to match 5 of the same character in a row!
You do this by taking it in turns to push your block through, knocking out the existing block for the next player. They then pick this block up and put it back into the grid from their side – knocking out one of yours! As you can’t see each others playing sides you have no idea if you’re helping them get a row or stopping them!

Here’s a quick overview from Winning Moves….

Everybody look left! Everybody look right! Everybody try and match 5 in a row with this brand new game from Top Trumps! Choose your character cube carefully and try to get 5 familiar faces in a row, whilst preventing your opponent from doing the same! There’s 15 characters from the classic animated adventure, from Pumbaa to Nala, including the villainous Scar and the terrifying Hyenas, but can you use your kingly skills to get 5 in a row and Match your special Top Trumps card?

Winning Moves

You can also use the character cards to steal the game. At the start of the game, two character cards are dealt to each player (you don’t look at them!). Once a player has a match, both players turn their cards over. If the loosing player has the character that matches your line they steal the point!

Game Box

What did we think of it?

When I was asked to review the Lion King Match game I was a little worried it might be a bit too complicated for my little girl. I was so wrong! Since we opened it, it has become a nightly ritual after school to play a few games. She picked up the rules of the game quickly and has now become pretty good at it (Mummy has not been winning as many games!).

As well as being visually appealing to little ones, it’s also great for developing their planning and logic skills – after all they need to plan ahead to get a line!

Lion King Match Game

We love camping so this would also be something I will be packing in the future to take with us. As it locks back together (keeping the cubes and cards inside) it would be perfect to take away without worrying we would loose some of the pieces somewhere. It’s also a handy size to keep in a backpack or even the car for when you’re out and about.

Would I purchase this?

100% yes – i’ve already been looking into other versions we can get as it’s been played so often! There’s other themes from movies (Toy Story being one!) as well as Dinosaurs and LOL Surprise too.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new kids game – we’ve had so much fun!

Lion King Match Game cards

Where can I buy the Lion King Match Game?

The Lion King Match Game is available from the following retailers: