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I was kindly sent both products by Tomy to review.

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We are huge fans of Tomy toys in our house. They are perfectly designed for little ones as well as being durable (needed with a toddler!) and appealing.

Tomy kindly sent me two products from their Aquadoodle range to test out. We have been using them now for over a month and it’s safe to say we love them! We have been testing out the classic colour mat as well as the travel Frozen doodle bag.

The classic mat is brightly coloured with alphabet letters and pictures around the edges. It’s split into 4 coloured sections that show when the mat is wet. The Frozen themed travel bag is about the same size as a book bag and opens up with two sides for drawing.

Who is it aimed at?

Aquadoodle is aimed at little ones aged 12 months plus. There’s a huge variety of patterns and branded Aquadoodle products available. If you have never heard of aquadoodle before, it is a drawing mat that uses a water filled pen. The mat starts off white or grey and it activated when the pen comes into contact with it. Little ones can draw on the mat and patterns or scenes are then visible whilst it is wet. The mat then dries and they can draw again!

What did we think of it?

I’m one of those parents that gets a little bit terrified whenever my toddler gets hold of a felt tip pen. It’s like she senses it and runs straight for the walls! Luckily we haven’t had too many mishaps yet – we did however get a lovely pink pencil drawing up the wall in our old house. We ended up having to rub it off using an eraser!

Both myself, my partner and our toddlers grandparents loved both Aquadoodles! They were both so easy to use and it kept our toddler entertained for ages.

  • Quality

Both sets are lovely quality. The large mat is really think, the water doesn’t seep through at all as it has a sort of plastic back to it. I was a little worried about the travel bag getting soggy or that the pen would leak as we were travelling. No one likes dealing with a soggy toddler – especially one trapped in a car seat.

We found that they didn’t leak at all – they screwed tightly shut so we didn’t have any spills.

  • Price

Considering they can be used over and over again, they are a good investment. My toddler loves colouring (despite my fear of felt tips!) so really enjoyed using them. I wouldn’t hesitate to get her some more from this range and I know she would use them.

The Frozen travel Aquadoodle is usually priced between £10 – £15.

The large Aquadoodle is usually priced around £20.

  • Easy of use

So so easy to use. You fill up the pen with water and off you go!

  • Packaging

Both Aquadoodles came in cardboard boxes which can be easily recycled. I thought it was a really nice touch that the larger mat came wrapped up in tissue paper inside, it made it seem more like a present!

It the Aquadoodle toddler approved?

It went down a storm with my toddler!

I loved the fact that I could pack up the larger mat and send it with her to her grandparents (to try to help save their walls!) if we needed to. The travel bag was a god send on journeys to and from nursery as well. It was small enough to fit onto her lap, but big enough that she had plenty of space to doodle without getting frustrated that it was full. She’s also a huge Frozen fan at the moment so she loved seeing Elsa, Anna and Olaf printed on the side. The only thing I had to remember was to fill up the water pen before we left the house in the morning. We are contemplating driving over to Disneyland Paris later this year so the travel bag is definitely going to be used on that journey!

How much is it?

The large Aquadoodle mat has a retail price of £19.99 and the Frozen Doodle Bag has a retail price of £14.99.

Where can it be bought?