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I was kindly sent both the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff by Zimpli kids for review. This review is an honest reflection of what I thought of the products.

Slime has been a huge hit this year. There’s been all sorts of variations of it available in the shops, as well as a ton of YouTube videos showing how to make your own. You can’t escape it! We were asked if we wanted to test out the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff products over the summer – here’s our thoughts on them.

What is the product

Zimpli Kids, the makers of Gelli Baff describe it as:

Gelli Baff is a totally unique, fun, bath time product that lets you turn water into goo and back again! By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you create a thick colourful goo. Add a ‘dissolver’ powder, to turn the
​ goo back to water!

It’s messy and colourful – everything that might appeal to kids. The idea is that it is pre-made so all you need to do is add water to mix it.  Inside the box is a pack of powder that turns into the Gelli Baff or Gelli Slime (depending on the product you’ve chosen). All you need to do is to add water to it and stir. It will then gradually thicken up.

Depending on the product, a second packet is included which helps to dissolve everything at the end so it can safely drain away. You simply add it to the Gelli when you’re finished and stir until it begins to turn back to a liquid.
To dispose of the Slime, rather than add a dissolve packet, you simply add more and more water until it is diluted.

Who makes this product – is it part of a range?

Gelli Baff and Slime Baff are made by Zimpli Kids. They have a huge range of different ranges of slime and Gelli available – including glitter, unicorn and poop emoji variations. Zimpli kids have put a huge amount of resources into marketing via YouTube, and as most parents know YouTube is where kids can spend a huge amount of time watching videos of different toys and products.

Gelli Baff

Who is Gelli Baff and Slime Baff aimed at?

The Gelli Baff packing states that it is suitable for kids ages 3 year+. My toddler had just turned 3 when we tried it out and she loved it – she’s still asking for more 6 months later!
When I first tried this out, I was a little apprehensive over what would happen to our drains! My other half must have thought I was having a ‘moment’ when I said i would just put it all down the drain. We had no issues at all putting this down the drain. 
I think the fact that you can safely dispose of it at the end is a huge plus for parents.

Gelli Baff

What did we think of it?


Well….the slime was a lot better than any slime I have tried to make with my toddler before! We had it out for quite a while and found that it didn’t loose any of its texture or consistency.


The price for both the Slime Baff and Gelli Baff is anywhere between £3 – £5. Considering it created a whole afternoon of fun I wouldn’t mind paying for it again. 

Ease of use

The mistake I made was not putting in enough water! If you were using this in a bath it would be fine, but because we were outside it was lots of trips back and forth with a jug.
It was relatively easy to dispose of afterwards, again in a bath it would have been even easier!
The only issue I had was that it lest a little residue on the water table we used but I managed to scrub that off with some hot soapy water. This was more down to the fact that it was difficult for me to get enough water to the water table to adequately dilute everything.


The packing is bright and colourful and definitely appeals to kids. It came in a cardboard box (which can be recycled) and the slime/Gelli came inside small plastic bags inside of the box.

Gelli Baff

It is toddler approved?

Without a doubt – yes! My toddler loved it. She spent the entire afternoon getting messy and playing with both the slime and the Gelli. We decided to put it in a water table in the garden because I wasn’t too sure how she would have reacted to it being immersed in the bath. I was also nervous of disposing of it afterwards. Now we’ve used it I don’t know why I was so worried because it disappeared really easily.

How much is it?

The price for both the Slime Baff and Gelli Baff is anywhere between £3 – £5 for a single box.

Where can it be bought?

You can get Gelli Baff and Slime Baff from the following retailers: