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I was kindly sent the Moonlite starter kit by Spinmaster Toys for review. This review is an honest reflection of what I thought of the product.

What is it?

Moonlite is a small projector that connects to your smartphone and uses the torch to project a short story onto your wall. It comes with some small circular slides that slot into the projector, so with every turn you end up with a different image projected. There is an accompanying app where you can follow the story (it even has added sound effects!) and turn the story wheels so the projected images matches the part of the story you are at.


Who makes this product – is it part of a range?

Moonlite is produced by Spinmaster, the same company that brought us Paw Patrol, Luvabella and Hatchimals so you know it is going to be a quality product.
There’s a whole host of different stories you can purchase – from Dinosaur stories to classics such as The Hungry Caterpillar. Once you have the projector itself, you can purchase the story wheels separately.

Who is Moonlite aimed at?

Moonlite is aimed at any little ones who just love to read! The majority of their stories seem to be suited for a preschool age but i’m sure little ones of any age will love the novelty of turning the wheel to see what image is next.

What did we think of it?


The projector is quite small so at first I thought it was going to be a little flimsy – I was wrong. It’s been bumped and dropped quite a few times and it hasn’t damaged it at all. It’s made of sturdy plastic in a lovely blue shade with a little star at the top. The story wheels themselves are made of white plastic and are also pretty sturdy so they can’t get accidentally folded or scratched.
We tested out The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider – we had read the Very Hungry Caterpillar before but we had never read The Very Busy Spider. I loved the images that were projected – they were really clear against the wall no matter how close or far away we were. The colours were really vivid too!



The starter kit we tested retails for around £15 – £20. This includes two stories and the projector itself. Individual stories retail for around £7.99.

Ease of use

Once we got it positioned onto our phones correctly it was really simple to use. There is a little guide on the app showing you where to line up the projector so it aligns with the torch on your phone. Swapping the story wheels is also straight forward – there is a little line showing you where the first slide of the story is so you know which way to slide it into the projector.
We had no issues downloading the free app or setting up our account on there – again it was very straight forward.


It comes in a lovely package which also doubles up as storage for your story wheels. It’s designed to look like a book which I thought was a nice touch. It wouldn’t look out of place on your bookshelf next to other story books – it also means you can keep the projector somewhere safe.


Is it child approved?

Yes! We always read a story before bed so I was worried this wouldn’t have as much appeal as a story book but I was pleasantly surprised! My little girl loved the sound effects the app made when we reached certain parts of the story. She also loved the projections themselves and putting her hands in front of them to try to ‘catch’ the story.
The only downside was that she didn’t quite understand why we couldn’t use it in daylight!

Where can I get it?