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After the turmoil of finally working out what school uniform I need to get for the new school year – I realised I haven’t yet thought too much about school shoes!
Buying normal everyday shoes is quite easy – I head to the supermarket (or look online!), find some that are pretty practical and that have a nice design and get them. They might last a month or so or they might last for almost a year.
School shoes seem a different beast entirely.
My little girl will be wearing them 5 days a week, in rain or shine and they will have to withstand constant getting up, sitting down, scuffs, playing outside, playing in a hall etc. They are going to have to withstand a lot! She’s also going to have to be able to get them on and off by herself (and hopefully on the correct feet!)
If you are like me, you also want them to be durable, affordable and you might want to know that they are going to fit for a good period of time – i’m sure no one wants to be constantly replacing broken or ill fitting shoes every few weeks.

How fast do kids feet grow?

According to Clarks*, by the time a child reaches school age the growth of their feet should slow to about one size per year. As toddlers, they can grow as many as two sizes per year! This obviously depends on each individual child, after all, children are individual and grow at different rates. My little girl had tiny feet for months and months, and then once they started growing they didn’t stop!

Can I measure their feet myself?

It never occurred to me that I could properly measure my little girls feet myself until I came across the foot measuring gauges on the Clarks website. I have always guessed by trying shoes on her if they roughly fit. After reading up a little more about why a proper fit is import it has made me feel a little guilty!
You can purchase your own measuring gauges here* and then submit the readings on the Clarks website*. This will then let you know which size they recommend so you can go ahead and purchase shoes online. This is perfect if you struggle to get to a store.
If you don’t fancy using a measuring gauge, Start-rite shoes also has an iPhone app* that can be downloaded from the app store. All you need to do is print off a paper grid and the app can work out the size of your Childs’ feet. I gave this a try but there is apparently a size difference between her feet so it couldn’t give me an accurate measurement.

School Shoes
Image via Clarks.

How do I check the fit?

As I have been reading more into school schools, I found this great guide* on the Clarks website that explains how to check if a pair of shoes fits your little ones feet correctly. I didn’t know that Clarks recommend 14mm growing room (approximately a thumbs width) from the end of your Childs longest toe to the end of the shoe. You can read more about this here*
I think reading this guide has definitely made me more aware of how to check that a pair of shoes is fitting correctly – whether they’re school shoes or not it can’t be very comfortable for them.

Where can I buy school shoes?

Similar to school uniform, almost all major high street stores and supermarkets sell their own versions of school shoes. They all come at different price points and with various reviews.
Some of them include:

Where have you found school shoes that are affordable and last a long time? I would love to hear any tips you might have or suggestions – let me know over on my facebook page!

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