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This year my little girl starts Primary School. I’ve only just got to grips with pre-school so I think this change is going to be harder on me than it is on her!
One thing I haven’t really thought about properly is school uniform. Preschool seems a bit of a doddle now in that they can where whatever they want and I don’t need to worry about washing and drying it ready for the next day.

How much do I need to get?

I don’t think there’s any right answer to this! It all boils down to personal preference and your budget.
I will be getting enough polo shirts for each day of the week, as well as 3 cardigans and 3 pinafores for the week. I figured that if any get dirty, I will have enough in rotation to wash and dry them before they’re needed again. Since having my little girl, excessive washing is no longer a strange concept to me!
Someone did point out to me that for the first couple of years sending having them go in a polo shirt (with a shirt/trousers/shorts) is more practical than a pinafore as if the t-shirt gets ruined by paint/food/anything else they can be easily (and cheaply) replaced whereas a pinafore is slightly more expensive to replace.

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What do I need to get?

Well, first things first, each Primary school will have its own uniform code. Schools usually have a ‘colour’ that they stick to along with a darker colour such as Blue, Black or Grey,
There’s all sorts of fancy uniform variations you can get now, such as playsuits. Your school should be able to tell you if they meet the uniform code or not. It’s better checking beforehand rather than wasting money on something that cant be worn.

Once thing I will be doing is making sure what I buy is easy for my little girl to get on and off by herself. We’re going to practice a little before she starts so she’s not feeling worried if she can’t get something back on quite right.
To start with, i’m going to be choosing things with zips over button so I know she’s going to be able to get dressed again after PE rather than running around half dressed or getting frustrated and upset. Whilst some of the newer designs (such as playsuits) look great, I worry that she wouldn’t be able to get to the toilet and undo it quick enough. Especially whilst she’s still small anyway!

Where do I go to get School Uniform?

Almost every major supermarket and high street clothing chain sells some sort of school uniform variation now. They all come at different price points and with different qualities. I don’t think anyone can ever say which one is the best – it’s all down to how your little one feels about them and how you think they last and fit.

What about school shoes?

As well as a small mountains worth of uniform, there’s also school shoes to think about!
When I think of school shoes I always think of Clarks* – it’s where I got mine from when I was younger and where I will be getting my little girl her first pair from. Since I was at school, just about everywhere that sells school uniform now also sells their own school shoes to go with them.

If you have any tips on how you keep costs low when buying or replacing uniform I would love to hear them!

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