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What do you think of RRP prices? Do you believe them?

I often find them confusing and most of the time, not genuine.

Trading standards state that
“A recommended retail price (RRP) is a price that a manufacturer or supplier has independently recommended. The use of RRPs is contentious and there have been calls to prohibit the practice completely. Traders must take extra care when using RRPs to ensure that they do not mislead consumers.”

If I see a price online I always check to see if this is the lowest price a product has been. It drives me crazy when I see an item that has increased in price, only for its price to be reduced again at a later date which gives the illusion of a good discount.

Some useful websites:

Amazon Price History Checker

Argos Price History Checker

If you’re interested in reading more about the standards traders should be using, you can find it here